Inside Ray's Circle
Embracing Identity: Dr. Natali Mei's Exploration of Psychology and Personal Power
May 8, 2024
In this revealing episode, Dr. Natali Mei, is an accredited psychologist with a fascinating life journey that spans continents, cultures, and deeply personal revelations. This podcast dives into Natali's transformative path from her early days in Hungary, Cyprus, through her vibrant time in the hospitality industry, and into her profound studies in psychology. Natali openly discusses her multicultural background, her professional evolution, and her courageous exploration of sexual freedom and dominance. She shares candid insights into the challenges she faced with traditional roles in relationships and how she embraced her identity as a dominant figure in her personal and erotic life. This conversation extends into how her personal explorations have informed her professional practices, offering a unique perspective on empowerment and self-acceptance. Listeners will be invited into Natali's world, learning about her strategies for coping with and overcoming life's challenges, including her move towards BDSM as a means of reclaiming power and agency. This episode is not just an exploration of one woman's journey to find her true self but also serves as an inspiring call to listeners to explore their own identities and embrace the complexity of their desires and aspirations.
Special Guest: Natali Mei (@newmadonna_of)
Hosted by: Ray Brown

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